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We can repair most things; blinds, awnings, screens and doors.

Clean & Repair



Part of what sets Harmony Blinds apart from other companies is our ability to offer a repairs service.

We have been in the industry for over 25 years and we know exactly what works. Making us your first call for anything regarding blinds, awnings, screens and doors can save you both time and money!

If your doors, blinds, awnings, or screens are torn or have been damaged in any way, this does not immediately mean that they have to be replaced. Our many years of experience means that our repairmen will be able to quickly and efficiently determine whether or not your product can be repaired and give you a cost-effective solution. We have a passion for service and are happy to take on any job, big or small.We have a very honest team and if our technicians find that your items are beyond repair, we will let you know quickly and provide options for replacement.


Venetian Blinds Specialists

Harmony Blinds offers a professional Venetian Blind Cleaning service, using our specially formulated cleaning agent. Our technique is gentle and efficient ensuring that your blinds aren't damaged and are returned to your home looking as good as new. ​

What's the process?
We'll collect your blinds in the morning and bring them back to our factory for cleaning before returning them to you that afternoon.

What material can we clean?
We clean Venetian Blinds that are made of PVC or aluminium. We cannot clean real timber slats.

How can we help?

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Call us to see how we may help you with your blinds, security doors, security and comfort. We're eager to assist you.

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