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Manufactured from special tempered aluminium, diamond grille doors are an economical option that grant the homeowner peace of mind.

A sturdy 8mm thick grille insert is riveted to the door frame, making the door resistant to impact. Highly customizable to suit your needs, choose between different mesh types such as pet mesh, aluminium mesh, one way vision mesh, or standard fibreglass mesh, with the option to upgrade to a 3 Point Locking System for additional strength.

  • Economical screening choice for hinged and sliding doors.

  • Available as a window grille option.

  • Permits good air flow.

More information on Diamond Grille doors can be found here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the warranty on Diamond Grille doors?

Our Diamond Grille doors carry a 5 year warranty.

What colours do Diamond Grille doors come in?

Diamond Grille doors come in a large range of standard colours and can be powder-coated too.

Can you install a pet door in a Diamond Grille door?

Yes, we can install a pet door in Diamond Grille door. You can view our range of pet doors here.

Will Diamond Grille doors stop intruders from breaking in?

Diamond Grille doors are categorised as a barrier/safety door, meaning that they are a strong deterrent for intruders, but not a security door. To be considered a security door, a Diamond Grille door needs to have a three-point lock installed on it, which is something we can do.


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