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Un-intrusive and insect deterring, open your windows freely to let fresh air in.

With many different window manufacturers about, there are numerous methods to measuring and installing flyscreens correctly. From differing frame thicknesses to considerations of future removal for cleaning, our experienced staff will ensure your flyscreens are best suited to your windows design and provide alternate solutions for windows that are less conventional, such as outward opening windows.

  • Superior air flow.

  • Easy to see through.

  • Available in fibreglass mesh, pet mesh, aluminium mesh, and stainless steel gauze.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will my flyscreens fit from the inside?

It will depend on your window manufacturer as to how your flyscreens will fit. The majority of windows have a channel for flyscreens to fit into, however, windows such as double hung (slide up and down) will usually fit externally. Our sales consultants can discuss this in detail with you once they have seen your windows.

Can you install flyscreens to outward opening windows?

At Harmony Blinds & Doors we pride ourselves on thinking outside the box to come up with a solution! There are several options we can offer you for outward opening windows.

What different mesh types are there available?

There are several mesh types available to suit your needs. Choose from standard fibreglass, pet mesh, aluminium mesh and stainless-steel gauze.

Do you repair flyscreens?

Yes, we can repair most flyscreens. We offer services such as re-meshing and replacing damaged components.


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