Pivot Arm awnings

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Popular on second storey applications, pivot arm awnings offer superior air flow and protection from direct sunlight.

Pivot Arm awnings are a highly practical shading solution that bring the homeowner style and convenience. Rolling from the top, tensioned arms attach to the bottom bar of the awning shade and pivot outwards as the awning is lowered, generously projecting the fabric away from the window at varying degrees. The space created between the awning shade and window not only serves as a barrier from penetrating UV rays, but also as a means for increased air flow and ventilation.

  • Reduces your energy bills significantly

  • Cools your home in summer

  • Protects your home from damaging UV rays

  • Provides an insulating barrier to your windows during winter

  • Adds privacy to windows

  • Can be motorised

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I leave Pivot Arm awnings down when it is windy?

Due to the large fabric projection, Pivot Arm awnings are not suitable for windy conditions and should be fully retracted.

Do Pivot Arm awnings come with a warranty?

Yes, Pivot Arm awnings come with a 5 year warranty.

Can Pivot Arm awnings be motorised?

Yes, Pivot Arm awnings can be motorised. The can also be operated by geared crank and a winch-box.

How do I clean my Pivot Arm awnings?

Fabric care will vary according to fabric type. In most cases, simply washing with clean water and allowing the fabric time to dry before retracting is suitable. For the aluminium surfaces (hood, bottom bar and arms) it is important to wipe these down regularly with a damp cloth so that dirt and debris does not turn into bacteria and corrode the powder-coating.


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