Spring Loaded awnings

From Our Factory Floor to Your Window or Door

Reliable and robust, spring loaded awnings are excellent at managing heat control while maintaining air flow.

Spring Loaded awnings, also known as ATR’s (Automatic Top Rolling), are an exceptionally well performing shading solution that have been around for ages. Best suited to ground level windows, self-locking arms are guided along fixed running irons that run adjacent to either side of the awning shade, projecting the fabric away from the window creating space for air flow. The spring-loaded action works in combination with the self-locking arms, keeping the fabric taut and allowing you to stop the awning at any desired height.

  • Reduces your energy bills significantly

  • Cools your home in summer

  • Protects your home from damaging UV rays, wind, and rain

  • Provides an insulating barrier to your windows during winter

  • Adds privacy to windows

  • Cost effective shading solution

Frequently Asked Questions

Spring Loaded awnings are one of the sturdiest awning systems out there and are suitable to areas prone to wind. Whilst they are capable of holding back wind, they are not designed to act as a windbreak and should be rolled up when strong windy conditions are present.


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