Wire Guide awnings

From Our Factory Floor to Your Window or Door

A contemporary shading solution that combines simplicity with convenience.

Wire guide awnings offer a comprehensive shading alternative to windows and outdoor spaces that is both modern and practical. A discreet stainless steel wire is installed along each side of the awning shade, that utilises compression springs to continuously tension the wire. The bottom bar of the awning shade is neatly guided along the tensioned wires allowing it to be stopped at any height without the need for manual anchoring.

  • Reduces your energy bills significantly

  • Cools your home in summer

  • Protects your home from damaging UV rays

  • Provides an insulating barrier to your windows during winter

  • Perfect for shading outdoor entertaining areas

  • Adds privacy to windows and entertaining areas

  • Can be motorised.

Frequently Asked Questions

Although Wire Guide awnings utilise stainless steel wires to guide the fabric, it is only the weight of the bottom bar that holds the awning shade in its place, as such, this means they not suitable to be left down when windy conditions are present.


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