Roller Blinds (Holland)

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Roller Blinds, otherwise known as Holland Blinds, are a stylish window furnishing that are versatile and minimalist in design. Ask us today about how these indoor blinds will bring a modern touch to your home.

  • Choose from either chain operated, motorised or our revolutionary Zero Gravity chainless spring technology to effortlessly lower or raise your blinds.

  • A diverse range of configurations including single, double (day/night blinds) and linked

  • Holland blinds offer a unique, low maintenance window covering solution to suit your needs.

  • Fabric selection in abundance, choose from lightly textured to smooth opaques, light diffusing translucents, or glare reducing sheer-weaves.

  • Create the ability to introduce different textures and tones to living spaces.

  • Can be made with scalloped bottom trims to suit traditional interiors.

  • Simplistic design means that the emphasis can be placed on the surrounding architecture, such as stonework, glass, or timber detail.

  • Ease of use for the elderly or disabled when motorised or used with our unique spring technology.

Roller Blinds Fabrics Range

View our full range of fabric selections here.


Opaque fabrics

Block-out roller blinds come in either smooth or textured fabric and ensure complete privacy, with room darkening qualities. Smooth fabrics are a modern choice in the home for a streamlined and sophisticated finish, whilst textured fabrics bring a contemporary elegance to any room.

Translucent fabrics

Translucent fabrics offer various textures and shades that help reduce glare whilst still providing natural light. Their versatility in enabling day and night privacy makes them ideal for living rooms and other areas such as bathrooms, where natural light and privacy are equally as important.


Sheer-weave fabrics

Sheer-weave fabrics provide uninterrupted views out whilst maintaining daytime privacy and can also significantly reduce glare. They are an excellent choice for commercial offices, and when installed as a Double Holland are perfect for residential living.

Operation Choices



Single Roller Blinds accommodate for one type of fabric and offer a sleek non-intrusive profile.


Double Roller Blinds, also referred to as Day/Night Blinds, neatly combine the operation of two different fabrics, giving the homeowner ultimate flexibility in light control and style.

inner_indoor blinds_holland


Linked Roller Blinds allow for singular operation of multiple blinds joined together to cover large spans. Linking brackets also provide a reduced light gap where two roller blinds meet each other, making their application well suited to sliding doors and other large spans of glass.

Convenience & Hassle-free Operation Smart Home Automation Options

Additionally, take advantage of your preferred smart home automation devices for the ultimate enhanced experience. Seamlessly integrate your shades to respond to your spoken instructions, remotely at your fingertips, or automatically in response to the time of day, the activities within your home, or even changes in the weather.

As an established blind manufacturer, we have access to an extensive range of reputable motorised options to suit your design requirements, such as for roller blinds. Brands that we have partnered with include:


Chain free innovation

Effortless Operation

To lower the blind, simply pull down on the bottom bar to the desired height. To raise the blind, lift the bottom bar to the desired height. It is really that simple!

To lower the blind, simply pull down on the bottom bar to the desired height. To raise the blind, lift the bottom bar to the desired height. It is really that simple!

With no chains, and a completely different approach to the way most spring Holland Blinds are operated, Zero Gravity is a truly effortless system. For these reasons, Zero Gravity is perfectly suited to aged care living, childcare, schools, healthcare industries, corporate settings, luxury markets, and homes with children and pets.


Chain operation

An economical and popular option for operation, simply pull down on the chain to either raise or lower your blinds. Our chain-winders are made using a UV stabilized, glass filled nylon. Inside this are 4 small springs with a square profile wire, which means little effort is required to create strong breaking effect. The result: smoother, quieter, and more durable operation. For large heavy blinds, geared winders - lieu of standard direct drive winders - offer a premium substitute that make operation effortless no matter what the weight or size of the blind is.

Roller Blind Frequently Asked Questions

A Holland Blind is a soft window furnishing that uses a concealed tube at the top to roll the fabric from the top. Traditionally a Holland Blind would come with a decorative or scalloped trim across the bottom and be operated by spring with a tassel. Nowadays this look is less common, and as such Holland Blinds have even taken on a new name to break away from this look: Roller Blinds. Commonly operated by chain-winder, there are now even more modern ways to operate your Roller/Holland Blinds such as via motorization or improved spring systems such as Zero Gravity. Available in a vast range of textures and opacity, Holland Blinds offer a modern shading solution that is suitable across a range of applications.


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