Panel Glides

From Our Factory Floor to Your Window or Door

Visually stunning, Panel Glides bring grandeur and elegance into a room.

Panel Glides create a sense of opulence and offer a beautiful alternative to vertical drapes. Well suited to door openings and large spans of glass, elegant panels of fabric attach to a track at the top and glide effortlessly from side to side. Available as wand or cord operated, fabric panels simply slide across and neatly stack behind each other when fully drawn.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whilst panel glides are available in a range of opaques, they do let in a little bit of light. A small slither of light will be visible between each individual panel of fabric, as well as a small gap of light (approximately 10mm) between the windowsill and bottom of the fabric. The number of fabric panels of fabric will also determine how far out the blind will sit from the window, influencing the amount of light that is let in.


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