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Elegant and bold in design, the roman blind effortlessly blends simplicity with style.

Roman Blinds are an attractive window furnishing that add character and warmth to your home. Concealed timber battens operate via a pulley system that gathers the fabric from the bottom into structured folds when the blind is raised. Traditionally operated by a cord lock system, Roman Blinds can also be installed as chain system or motorised. Available in a vast selection of textures and weaves, simply lower or raise the blind to control the amount of light.

Convenience and Hassle-free Operation

Additionally, take advantage of your preferred smart devices for the ultimate enhanced experience. Seamlessly integrate your shades to respond to your spoken instructions, remotely at your fingertips, or automatically in response to the time of day, the activities within your home, or even changes in the weather.

As an established blind manufacturer, we have access to an extensive range of reputable motorised options to suit your design requirements. Brands that we have partnered with include:

Frequently Asked Questions

Are roman blinds good at blocking out light?

Yes, roman blinds are excellent at blocking out light. When installed above the architrave (as they often are) they are very effective at keeping light out.

Are roman blinds safe for little children?

Yes, roman blinds are safe for little children. Chain operated roman blinds are retained, and Cord operated roman blinds have tie off cleats that are positioned no lower than 1600mm from ground height. For an even safer option, consider motorising your roman blinds.

Can roman blinds be motorised?

Yes, absolutely! We have a range of motorise options to suit your needs and budget that our consultants can discuss with you. Learn more about our motorisation range.

Are roman blinds easy to clean?

Regularly dusting your roman blinds will make cleaning them easier. Because the fabric is pleated on the front with battens at the back, dust will naturally collect here and will require a little extra care to remove.

Can roman blinds be installed in bathrooms?

Whilst roman blinds can be installed in bathrooms, this is not something we would usually recommend. The battens used in the pleats are made from timber which is a material that generally should not be used in rooms susceptible to moisture. If installing roman blinds to a wet area, proper fabric care such as allowing the fabric to dry must be followed. 

Are roman blinds easy to operate?

Yes, roman blinds are easy to operate. Chain operation is easier than cords, with motorisation the most effortless of them all.

Do roman blinds come with a warranty?

Yes, our roman blinds come with a 5 year warranty.

Do you repair roman blinds?

No, unfortunately we don’t offer repairs to roman blinds.

Are roman blinds good at insulating?

Fabric selection is key to good insulating properties. An acrylic backed opaque will insulate significantly better than a translucent fabric.


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