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Known for their versatility in light control, vertical drapes offer a cost-effective window treatment option for your home.

Vertical Drapes are a popular choice for sliding doors and other large spans of glass. Simply tilt the blades to control how much light enters a room or draw back completely for an unobstructed view. Modern variations of Vertical Drapes include the option to fully sew in the bottom weights in lieu of chained weight, and operation via wand instead of cords. We offer a beautiful selection of fabrics that feature opaques in smooth and textured finishes that can be viewed here. Available in multiple configurations to suit varying window styles, Vertical Drapes offer flexibility and convenience to the homeowner.

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Flexibility to suit your windows and doors

Available as right or left stacking for single direction sliding doors and windows, centre stacking for bi-directional sliding windows, or centre split stacking.

Careful attention in every detail

Blades are machine stitched using cotton thread (not nylon), the superior choice in strength for materials that are frequently exposed to direct sunlight. Choose from chained weights for that traditional look, open chainless weights for a more economical solution, or fully sewn in weights for a premium finish.

Wands are constructed from fibreglass, and unlike PVC wands, are resistant to warping from temperature heat. Their smooth, sleek profile make them a popular modern choice for operating vertical drapes.

Cords are pre-stretched to ensure tautness from continuous use over time. Cord operated vertical drapes offer a convenient alternative to wand operation where window access is limited.

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Superior track construction

Constructed from extruded aluminium, the sleek profile of the track features an anodised tilt rod that evenly guides the wheel bearing carriages, connected by stainless steel spacer links. A simple hook attaches the blades to the track, allowing for easy removal should the fabric require deep cleaning. End caps are screwed, not held together with thrust washers, and ensure longevity of operation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are vertical drapes good at blocking out light?

Whilst vertical drapes are available in a range of opaques, they do let in a little bit of light. A small slither of light will be visible between each individual blade of fabric, as well as a small gap of light (approximately 10mm) between the windowsill and bottom of the fabric. Vertical drapes are still very well suited to bedrooms, for complete room darkening please speak to one of our consultants.

Are vertical drapes safe for little children?

Vertical drapes are safe for little children when installed with chainless weights. All cord operated tracks are retained. For maximum safety, your vertical drapes can be completely chainless when they are operated by wand.

Can vertical drapes be motorised?

No, unfortunately we don’t offer motorisation on vertical drapes.

Are vertical drapes easy to clean?

Yes, very much so! Simply dust the fabric from time to time or use a damp cloth to wipe stubborn marks. A big bonus with vertical drapes is that they don’t collect as much dust as some other window furnishings do, and as such, require less regular cleaning.

Can vertical drapes be installed in bathrooms?

Yes, vertical drapes can be installed in wet areas such as bathrooms and laundries. As the fabric is always held vertically, this allows the fabric to effortlessly dry whether the blind is opened or closed when damp.

Are vertical drapes easy to operate?

Yes, vertical drapes are easy to operate. It is important to note, however, that vertical drapes do require certain care when operating such as remembering to tilt the blades open before drawing them back, and ensuring that the blades can tilt freely and are not obstructed  by items such as furniture and curtains.

Do vertical drapes come with a warranty?

Yes, our vertical drapes come with a 5 year warranty.

Do you repair vertical drapes?

Yes, we can repair vertical drapes. As you are dealing direct with a manufacturer, we are able to offer our customers a range of repair services such as re-stitching blades, and replacing damaged tracks.

Are vertical drapes good at insulating?

Fabric selection is key to good insulating properties. Textured fabrics are typically thicker and will therefore insulate better than non-textured fabrics.


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