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Zebra blinds, also known as layered, banded or zebra shades, are modern window coverings that feature alternating layers of sheer and opaque fabric. As these layers pass over each other, they offer homeowners the ability to control their privacy and lighting options. Striking and bold, zebra blinds allow you to softly transition between levels of opacity.

These window coverings are named for their distinct pattern, which resembles a zebra’s stripes. When the blinds are closed, the opaque fabrics align, blocking out most light and providing privacy. When the blinds are open, the sheer fabrics align, letting in natural light while still providing a degree of privacy.

The blinds are operated by a side chain that moves the sheer and opaque stripes past each other. This feature allows homeowners to align the stripes in whatever configuration best suits their needs, providing flexibility not always found in traditional blinds or curtains.

Advantages of Zebra Blinds

Zebra Blinds Sydney - Shades for your windows Light Control and Privacy: One of the main advantages of zebra blinds is their ability to control light. You can easily adjust them to allow more or less light in, depending on your needs. Despite the incoming light, the sheer fabric still maintains a level of privacy.

Modern Aesthetics: Zebra blinds are a popular choice for those seeking a contemporary, stylish aesthetic. The unique pattern can add an element of visual interest to any room.

Versatility: Zebra blinds are suitable for all types of rooms from kitchens, bathrooms, to bedrooms and offices. They are available in a wide range of colors and fabric types to complement any decor style.

Ease of Use: They are easy to operate, making them a practical choice for windows of all sizes.

Disadvantages of Zebra Blinds

Limited Blackout: While zebra blinds offer excellent light control, they may not completely block out light due to the sheer stripes. If you prefer a dark room, especially for spaces like bedrooms or media rooms, zebra blinds might not be the best choice.

Cleaning: Like any window treatment, zebra blinds require regular cleaning. However, due to their unique design, cleaning can be a bit more challenging as dust can get caught between the layers of fabric.

Price: Zebra blinds are often more expensive than standard blinds or curtains. The unique mechanism and stylish design can add to the cost.

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Convenience & Hassle-free Operation Smart Home Automation Options

Additionally, take advantage of your preferred smart home automation devices for the ultimate enhanced experience. Seamlessly integrate your shades to respond to your spoken instructions, remotely at your fingertips, or automatically in response to the time of day, the activities within your home, or even changes in the weather.

As an established blind manufacturer, we have access to an extensive range of reputable motorised options to suit your design requirements, such as for roller blinds. Brands that we have partnered with include:

Frequently Asked Questions

Whilst zebra blinds are available in block-out material, they will however permit some light through where the stripes overlap. As this is only a small amount of light that passes through, they are still suitable for most bedroom applications, however, for complete room darkening we would not recommend zebra blinds.


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