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Located in Narellan, we offer a range of quality plantation shutters

Plantation Shutters have an aesthetic appeal that is unsurpassed and adds value to any home. Their ability to control the amount of light and airflow means they are as practical as they are beautiful. Plantation shutters are no small investment, and with this in mind, careful attention in every detail has been devoted into ensuring our range of shutters will outperform and stand the test of time.

Polymer Shutters

Polymer plantation shutters have superb light control versatility and will add value to your home. Made from a waterproof and aluminium reinforced polymer, they are not only one of the most durable synthetic plantation shutters on the market, but also have one of the largest single panel widths spanning at an impressive at 1000mm.

Timber Shutters

Guaranteed to add value to your home, timber shutters offer wonderful versatility in light control and have excellent insulating properties. Crafted from the paulownia tree, our timber shutters have a superior strength to weight ratio with excellent dimensional stability allowing for single panel widths up to 1000mm.

Aluminium Shutters

Aluminium Shutters are perfect for external areas such as alfresco entertaining, BBQ’s and outdoor kitchens, and will add value to your home. Their exceptional strength to weight ratio means that single panels can span up to an impressive 1500mm in width.

Convenience and Hassle-free Operation

Additionally, take advantage of your preferred smart devices for the ultimate enhanced experience. Seamlessly integrate your shades to respond to your spoken instructions, remotely at your fingertips, or automatically in response to the time of day, the activities within your home, or even changes in the weather.

As an established blind manufacturer, we have access to an extensive range of reputable motorised options to suit your design requirements. Brands that we have partnered with include:


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Holland Blinds, otherwise known as Roller Blinds, are a stylish window furnishing that are versatile and minimalist in design

Minimalist and stylish in design, holland blinds will bring a modern touch into your home.

  • Choose from either chain operated, motorised or our revolutionary Zero Gravity chainless spring technology to effortlessly lower or raise your blinds.

  • A diverse range of configurations including single, double (day/night blinds) and linked

  • Holland blinds offer a unique, low maintenance window covering solution to suit your needs.

  • Fabric selection in abundance, choose from lightly textured to smooth opaques, light diffusing translucents, or glare reducing sheer-weaves.

  • Create the ability to introduce different textures and tones to living spaces.

  • Can be made with scalloped bottom trims to suit traditional interiors.

  • Simplistic design means that the emphasis can be placed on the surrounding architecture, such as stonework, glass, or timber detail.

  • Ease of use for the elderly or disabled when motorised or used with our unique spring technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are holland blinds good at blocking out light?

Yes, holland blinds are good option for blocking out light. On a typical reveal fit, there will be small gaps of light down the sides and top of the blind. There are options that will reduce and/or eliminate these gaps such as face mounting the holland blind or upgrading to a cassette channel holland blind.

Can I motorise my holland blinds?

Yes, absolutely! We have a range of motorise options to suit your needs and budget that our consultants can discuss with you. To learn more about our motorisation range, click here.

Are holland blinds easy to clean?

Yes, very much so! Simply dust the fabric from time to time or use a damp cloth to wipe stubborn marks. A big bonus with holland blinds is that they don’t collect as much dust as some other window furnishings do, and as such, require less regular cleaning.

Can holland blinds be installed in bathrooms?

Yes, holland blinds can be installed in wet areas such as bathrooms and laundries. Simply allow the fabric to dry before rolling the blind up.


Let me help you find your new blinds

Call us to see how we may help you with your blinds, security doors, security and comfort. We're eager to assist you.

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