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Designed to protect your family and your view, Screenguard offers a premium screening and security solution.

Manufactured using 316 marine grade woven stainless steel mesh and T6 extruded aluminium frames, Screenguard is a certified security system that incorporates patented technology that will protect your home beautifully. The anti-corrosion stainless steel mesh is coated with a specialised UV polymer coating that provides a clear long lasting protective finish. Complete with a 3 Point Locking System, Screenguard meets and exceeds Australian Standard AS5039/5041. Suitable for bushfire rated zones, swimming pool compliancy, second storey safety, and much more.

  • Superior screening choice for hinged and sliding doors.

  • Available as a window grille option.

  • Uses no unsightly screws, rivets, or glue to secure mesh to frame.

  • Made from 316 marine grade stainless steel mesh.

  • 3 Point Locking System as standard.

  • Very easy to see through.

  • Easy to clean

  • Permits good air flow.

More information on Screenguard can be found here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the warranty on Screenguard?

All Screenguard products carry a 10 year warranty.

What makes 316 marine grade stainless steel different?

316 marine grade stainless steel is the highest grade for screen doors on the market. It is superior in strength and durability. Unlike inferior grades of mesh such Galvanised Steel or 304 grade Steel, it is also less susceptible to chemical attack or corrosion.

How do I clean Screenguard?

Use clean, warm water mixed with a mild detergent and soft bristled brush to gently wash your Screenguard products. Rinse well with clean water and ensure all residue is removed.

What is the BAL rating on Screenguard?

Screenguard carries a fire rating of BAL40.

What colours does Screenguard come in?

The mesh on Screenguard is available in black only. The door frame, however, comes in several standard colours and can be powder-coated in any other colour or matched to resemble a timber-look finish.

Can you install a pet door in Screenguard?

Yes, we can install a pet door in Screenguard. You can view our range of pet doors here.

Will Screenguard stop intruders from breaking in?

Screenguard is a certified security system that has been rigorously tested and passed the Australian Standard AS5039/5041 – a test designed to simulate an attack. Included in this test are a Knife Shear Test, Dynamic Impact Test, Anti-Jemmy Test, and Pull Test – Screenguard not only passes all these tests (and others), but well exceeds them.


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